AutoAdministrator is now EventSentry Admin Assistant

EventSentry Admin Assistant



Executes WMI queries on remote systems and displays the output inside AutoAdministrator.

Execute Processes

Executes processes on the local system and displays their output inside AutoAdministrator.


Reset, change or verify passwords of a user on remote hosts.


Manage services on remote hosts. You can control services, configure the startup type, remove services and change the service logon credentials.


Manage the Windows registry on remote hosts. You can read, add, delete, copy and change both values and keys.

File Management

Manage files and folders on remote hosts. You can copy or delete files as well as entire folders from the local host to remote hosts.

File Information

Retrieve file properties from remote hosts. You can create checksums and retrieve properties such as size, attributes, version, company and more.

Shutdown / Reboot

Shutdown, reboot, or cancel pending shutdown of remote hosts.


Shows which users are logged on to remote hosts.


Update ODBC DSN configurations and driver files on remote hosts.


Ping remote hosts.

Free Download

Download v2.4.0.4